Vacation in Europe

Europe covers the 2% of the earth’s surface and it is known as the second smallest continent in the world. There are 47 countries in Europe and a population of 742.5 million. You can start your vacation at delightful Italy where you can visit Rome. Europe gifted you chivalrous London where you have the St. Paul’s Cathedral, London Eye, and its other lovely tourist spots waiting to greet you. Europe is also known for its world-renowned cuisine, thus if you are foodie this place is more enticing to you. The places you must visit in Europe:



1). Austria

The capital of Austria, Vienna is the largest city in the country. Austria is known as the ‘City of Music’, many famous music icons spent their major and worthy part of their life in Vienna. As Austria is situated in the alpine region, thus it is famous for the sports like ski-jumping, snowboarding, and mountain skiing. The country is also known for culinary circuits. Krapfen, which is essentially and delicious doughnuts filled with custard or apricot jam is a very well known bakery item.

2). Switzerland

Switzerland is situated in the heart of Europe. It is a landlocked and mountainous country which is famous for its natural beauty. Switzerland’s two-third part is covered with forests, lakes, and mountains. Adventure seekers must visit the towns of Zermatt and Lausanne as they are famous for challenging hikes and steep ski slopes. Switzerland is famous for fine cheeses and chocolate, cuisine, wine, churches, music, art, and much more.

3). France

France is known as the hub of art, fashion, music, architecture, gastronomy, and literature that seduces millions of travelers.  There’s a lot more to do in France that includes breathtaking countryside beauty to hiking along alpine trails, walking around the museums, and hitting the road to its unusual locales. And apart from this, there are many landmarks for the country like Eiffel Tower situated in the capital city Paris, the famous beach area on the Mediterranean coast, world-class wineries, navigable canals etc.


Europe offers you memorable chances for adventure, fun, exploration, whether you are traveling solo or want to travel with your friends or family Europe has a lot to offer. Thus add it in Europe in your travel bucket list.

Tips to Keep Yourself Safe While on a Trip

When travelling internationally, it is very important to stay safe during your trip. Especially when you are visiting countries which are known to be dangerous and unpredictable, you must know a few simple facts to be able to keep you and your loved ones out of harm’s way during your expedition. By following this protocol, it maximizes your safety while also allowing you to enjoy and have fun in your travels. Firstly, you should never share personal/private information to anyone outside of where you are staying as your overnight accommodations. Some of the people lurking outside of the hotel and in the city can be untrustable and take advantage of you for your info. To be able to stay safe, only recount your private information to desk staff and people you can trust. These people well deal with it responsibly and make sure it is not stolen or used for the wrong matters. If your information falls in the wrong hands, many bad things can happen including: identity theft, stalking, etc.

By preventing this, you can keep yourself safe as well as your private information out of harm’s way. Another way to maximize safety is by making sure all your vaccinations are up to date before leaving for your destination. In some places, dangerous diseases are incredibly common (hepatitis, salmonella, etc.) and can be found almost everywhere. By keeping your vaccinations up to date, you can ensure maximum resistance to these nasty viruses. Without vaccinations, it is easy to be able to pick one of these bugs .

Commonly, medical care is highly expensive and doctors can be unprofessional in these areas, making it much more secure to avoid these places by staying healthy. One more tip is to stay on your hotel grounds as much as possible especially in areas which are dangerous. When travelling to destinations with political unrest and/or riots, the smartest thing to do is stay on your hotel’s property as much as possible. Here they offer you all the services you need well keeping you sheltered from danger outside. Once you leave these grounds, they are not responsible for you anymore and you become unsafe. In some areas, where there is war or immediate danger, you could be targeted and injured in the process. By spending most of your time in the hotel, you are accommodated appropriately well enjoying your stay.

Lastly, make sure to keep double copies of all the essential paperwork you need on your journeys. If you lose something or it gets damaged or wrecked on your way, you still have more to account for it. Sometimes without these papers, they will not allow you to travel from country to country anymore. It is incredibly important you have extras to keep your self insured during the trip. Make sure to continually check your country’s website regarding travel to be informed about where you are. They will often update it and help you have a good trip. In conclusion, by following these simple steps, you can maximize your safety on a trip well also having a great time!