Kid-friendly Destinations in Bolivia

Bolivia is a beautiful country in the west-central of South America. Although it has grown in popularity for its wild beaches and lively ambiance, it is actually a great place for kids. So if you are planning to have a vacation with your family, why don’t you try this city? It’s quite fun, enjoyable, and definitely perfect for the whole family. Here are some of the top regions in Bolivia that you can visit as you bring your kids with you.

Amazon Basin

Do you like some wildlife spotting and riverboat trips? Well, this is your dream place. You can head to the Parque Nacional Madidi to find some great accommodations. There are hotels and eco-lodges in the area for a comfortable stay. So the next day, you can just enjoy a happy time together with your kids.


 Sucre is a great central plaza with a jaw-dropping environment. Why is it great for kids? It is very comfortable in this region. The air is fresh and the surrounding environment in the countryside is very inspiring. If you want to give your kids a chance to breathe cleaner air, you can bring them here.


Do you want wild adventures? Well, Tupiza will not disappoint you. The region’s surrounding is laid-back and calm but wait until you book one of its day trips. There are excursions by horseback or bicycle. It’s quite a high-altitude place but very manageable for kids.

Santa Cruz

Kid-friendly outings are waiting for you at Santa Cruz. Talk about the botanical gardens, butterfly farms, and zoos. Lucky for you, all of the kid-friendly spots are just very easy to reach since they are near the city center. No need to sweat.

La Paz

If your kids love history and travelling back in time, you can head to La Paz. Here, you can find a children’s museum and ride in cable cars. Just a friendly tip – make sure that you practice your kids with riding or walking in high-altitude. Riding in cable cars can be nauseous at times. It is best that your kids acclimatize with the altitude before taking them to a “La Paz Adventure.”

Planning a Weekend in France

France is one of the most visited countries in Europe not only because of the iconic Eiffel Tower but because of its culture. From the smell of freshly baked baguettes, local cafes, romantic chateaux, and artistic paintings – France always got you covered.  So if you are planning to visit this beautiful country, here are some tips that you can follow.

Keep French Fashion in Mind

People in France are very fashionable. So if you want to jive into the trend, shoot beautiful photos and enjoy great places, you would want to pack some fashionable clothes. Pick some versatile yet chic clothes that you can wear for your tour. Avoid heavy clothes so you don’t get tired easily and cover as many places as you can.

Bring a comfortable pair of shoes.

Make sure you bring two types of shoes – one that you can wear during your tour and the other is spare, in case the other one breaks. When choosing what shoes to bring, take note of the cobbled streets of Le Vieux Carre or the vineyards in the South. So you might as well avoid high heels and stilettos. A pair of ankle-boots could be wise.

Learn some French words and phrases.

While the locals can speak fluently in English, they love it when visitors speak their native language. Even if your French is a little rust and you can only muster up a polite “Bon jour” or “Bonsoir”, the locals will greatly appreciate your effort. Lucky for you, nowadays you don’t have to buy pocket dictionaries because everything can be searched through Google.

Always check the weather.

The weather in France can be very tricky. One hot summer day can eventually turn into cold so make sure you always check the weather. Also the regions in France have different weather. If you know the weather, you will know what to include in your packing essentials.

Travel in Spring or Fall

Although spring and fall are peak seasons in France, it offers the best weather to tour around the wonderful tourist spots in the country. Most airlines also offer great deals three months before spring or fall, so you better watch out for cheap flights.

Try some local food in France

French are always proud of their cuisines. Well, it shouldn’t come as a surprise since France is home to Michelin star restaurants. So make sure that you try some of the local food. If you are travelling to Bordeaux, try the Canele, which a small pastry made from vanilla and rum.

Best Places at the Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon is located in Arizona. Refer to this map of the West Coast USA if you want to see its location in relevance to other US National Parks. This is one of those one-of-a-kind locations that will certainly leave you without words, and also one you can easily consider approved. Once you are there, it becomes very apparent why the place is one of the seven wonders of the world. 

Rim Trail

The Rim Trail is a mainly smooth walking path that follows the edge of the Grand Canyon for 13 miles. This near degree course, with a mix of sunlight and also shade from scattered trees, is among one of the most picturesque strolls in North America, with amazing views during the entire range of the trail. You can access it before the visitor facility at Mather Point, in the Village, or from any one of the breathtaking stops along Anchorite Roadway.

Geological Museum

Geological Museum is one of the most interesting and informative exhibits in Grand Canyon National Park. The museum tells in detail the layers of rock visible as you look out the long wall of windows. Big layouts explain the formation of the canyon, from the enjoyable of the rocks to the abrasive power of the water running through the canyon far below.

Hermit Road

Hermit Road is a seven-mile scenic drive along the canyon rim, with lots of viewpoints. This is the most famous route here in the park. If you are visiting between the beginning of December and the end of February, you can do this drive in your own vehicle. All of the overlooks along this route offer excellent views.

Bright Angel Hiking Trail

It departs from the Village, where the shuttle bus to Hermit’s Rest starts its route. This is a lengthy walk, but many people pick to stroll down the route only a short distance to get a feel for the walk. The full route, round-trip to Bright Angel Camping Site, is 19 miles and also takes 2 days. Numerous significant hikers pick to go to Indian Garden Camping Area, which is a nine-mile round-trip walking and also takes between six as well as nine hours. Keep in mind, this includes a strenuous walk with more than 3,000 feet of elevation adjustment.

Desert View Watchtower

Desert View is the very first stop in the park if you are originating from the east as well as entering the park through the Desert Sight Entry. This is a full-service quit with a basic store, trading post, and also camping, yet the main attraction is the renowned Indian Watchtower.


While most individuals don’t pertain to the Grand Canyon for wildlife viewing, it’s more than most likely you will certainly see a minimum of some pets if you are driving with the park. One of the usual suspects that can frequently be identified along the Rim Trail is elk. Although you are less most likely to see them, mountain lions reside in the dark woodlands, and also indicators along the Desert View Drive encourage drivers to watch for them on the road. Also located in the park are bighorn lamb; hog-nosed skunk; mule deer; Arizona’s state animal, the ringtail; and also numerous various other smaller animals, consisting of the Kaibab squirrel.

IMAX Movie at the National Geographic Visitor Center

In the town of Tusayan, simply outside the South Entry to Grand Canyon National Forest, is among the oldest IMAX Theaters in existence, as well as seeing a movie here has been a long-lasting custom for families pertaining to the Canyon. The movie, Grand Canyon: The Movie, one of the longest-running IMAX motion pictures to be shown in the exact same area, is a 34-minute movie and begins on the half-hour. Along with seeing the movie, site visitors can also obtain info on the park or get a snack at the on-site café.

Mediterranean Cruise Finally!


Do you want to spend your vacation by cruising but not sure where to go? Cruising is basically a trip using sail; it is not a small trip where you can spend a week or two. Cruising needs enough time as it will take additional moments to travel around the globe. Without a doubt, a Mediterranean Cruise is the most luxurious cruise available. The Mediterranean Sea is one of the most visited cruises in the world. There are more than 120 seaports around the Mediterranean seashore, offering many combinations of cruise vacations over week, two-week or longer trips.

With Mediterranean Cruise, travelers have the opportunity to stopover at seventeen different cultured countries that include Italy, Greece, Egypt, Spain, and many more. With mild, rainy winters and hot, dry summers the Mediterranean is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Europe. A Mediterranean Cruise is a best way to discover the stunning part of the word and below are some best destinations that your Mediterranean Cruise be supposed to call at-


 Capital of Catalonia, and the biggest city in Spain – Barcelona is one of the most visited cruise destinations in the world. As compare to Spanish Islands, weather is slightly warmer here. The city is very clean and people here are very friendly and polite.

Monte Carlo

Located in the French Riviera on the Mediterranean Sea in Monaco enclosed by France and close to Italy, Monte Carlo is known across the world as a playground for the rich and famous people and the casinos are the main attraction of this country. Monte Carlo is the world’s second smallest country and the population is around 3,500. If you are lucky enough to stop at the right time of the year you may be have a chance to watch the famous Formula 1 Grand prix.


The 4th largest island in the Mediterranean Sea located on the west of Italy it has a similar climate to Rome. Although located closer to Italy than France, Corsica is really French claimed. Birthplace of Napoleon Bonaparte and there are references to him all over the place. Corsica is an extremely peaceful as it is not as tourist inhabited as compare to the other cruise destinations.


 Naples is an immense city located on the western coast of Italy facing the Tyrrhenian Sea. The Naples is a famous for its rich history, churches, art and culture. For food lovers, Naples is the best place to experience the delicious food like no other; they truly put the additional exertion in with regards to their food.


Another famous city in Italy, Parts of the old town area are adorned on the world heritage list and as such are unaffected by contemporary structural design. A cruise to Genoa city is a refreshing change from the busy city of Rome, Genoa offers a more comfortable and scenery background.

The list of Mediterranean Cruise destinations are endless, the Mediterranean is one of the most visited and famous tourist cruise destinations in the world. Cruises to the Mediterranean are the best way to witness this stunning neighborhood of the world without having to worry about the flights and roaming to every place discreetly. Cruises to the Mediterranean might be less expensive than you might think and offer extra diversity than the majority of other cruise destinations.



A Wonderful Tour in Germany

tour in germany

Planning a trip to Germany? Germany is a breathtaking place to visit and well known tourist attraction for Oktoberfest and World War II history. Visitors can explore the fairytale castles, historical sites, beautiful scenery, nightlife and boutique shops in Berlin, Munich, and Frankfurt, appreciate clearing perspectives of the Rhine River in Cologne. There are lots of festivals in Germany to enjoy from beer to wine and pumpkin festivals, there is an occasion for everybody.

Here is our guide to the Favorite places to visit in Germany.


A tour in Germany isn’t complete without seeing Berlin. It is popular for its history, street art, lively nightlife, festivals and numerous renowned museums. If you are in Berlin, we recommend you to taste the Berlin’s tradition dish Currywurst. The favorite places to visit in Berlin include ‘museum island,’ ‘Brandenburg gate,’ ‘Berlin wall memorial’ and historical buildings like the Berlin Dome.


Munich is the largest district of Germany and the capital of Bavaria. Millions of visitors come to Munich each year to take part in the Beer festival. There are more things to explore in Munich include – The town hall, museums and palaces, English garden and Olympic arena. The BMW museum and Deutsche museum are absolutely the best places not to be missed.


One of the major Baltic seaports in Germany, Lubeck is a must visit place in Schleswig-Holstein. In spite of the fact that it was the primary German metropolitan to be bombarded amid World War II, You can explore some of the major sightseeing of Lubeck include Nature Reserve Wakenitz, Hansapark and many more!


Don’t forget to include Leipzig in your tour in Germany. This is the major city in Germany’s central state of Saxony. It is known for its lively expressions and social scene molded by popular music authors. I know you’ve heard about Bach (worked here as a cantor), Felix Mendelssohn, and Richard Wagner. There are a number of tourist places to visit in Leipzig. These include the Leipzig Market Square, beautiful churches, Auerbach’s Cellar, Museums, Zoo and much more!

Rugen Island

 Rugen is the biggest island in German placed in the Baltic Sea. It’s very famous tourist destination because of its beautiful sandy beaches, pleasant villas, and romantic seaside resorts, but the major tourist attraction is the Jasmund National Park, well-known for its primeval beech forests and unique chalk cliffs rising 528 feet over the sea.


The biggest tourist attraction of the city is the famous Cologne Cathedral, which is viewed as a standout amongst the most essential benchmark in Europe, situated on the Rhine River in the German government province of North Rhine-Westphalia, the city provides an energetic collection of attractions, vibrant nightlife and culture scene.


Capital of the eastern German state of Saxony, is illustrious by the famed art museums and classic architecture of its reconstructed old town. The city was known as the Jewel Box, as of lavishing collection of stunning art and structural design. It’s a beautiful destination, which is home to a number of landmarks that include the Royal Palace, the Frauenkirche cathedral, the museum of decorative arts, and the New master gallery.


Through numerous historical assets like the medieval Old Bridge, the Heidelberg Castle, the Church of the Holy Spirit and the Knight St. George House, it is no big surprise that Heidelberg is an incredibly well-liked vacationer attraction. There are also a lot of historical churches in Heidelberg and its nearby areas.


The most photographed building in the Germany, Neuschwanstein Castle is often known as Disney Castle, is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Europe. A visit to Neuschwanstein is must during your trip to Germany!

Romantic Rhine 

Stretching between the cities of Bingen and Bonn, Germany, the Middle Rhine flows through a sensational geographical development called the Rhine Gorge. This locale includes an amazing scene specked with in excess of 40 castles and strongholds from the Middle Ages and many wine towns.

So, what do you think? Whichever places you decide to visit in Germany, there is something to catch the eye of any tourist. Can’t make a decision on which place to wish? Visit them all!

What To Do In Amsterdam

Amsterdam, Netherlands’ capital city, is famous around the globe for its iconic canal network, rich history, and vibrant culture, making it one of the world’s most popular tourist attractions.

Although the list of fun things you can do in Amsterdam is pretty much endless, we have picked a few that you should definitely not miss, whether you’re visiting for a weekend or a fortnight.  There are plenty of opportunities to get in trouble.  Travel with family or friends to ensure the best time.  We went with our teammates and fellow Gilbert Painters to celebrate 5 years in business.  Be sure you go with people you can trust and have a blast with.

Hop on your bike

Did you know that there are more than 800,000 bicycles in Amsterdam? That’s, even more, bikes than people! Cycling in Amsterdam is immensely popular, given it’s unique and unbeatable network of cycle routes and it’s flat landscape. Amsterdam usually tops the charts of the world’s most bike-friendly cities, and cycling is definitely the best way to explore its endless streets, canals, museums, and markets.

Get lost in the arty Jordaan

Jordaan is rightly called Amsterdam’s most charming neighborhood by many people because stepping into the Jordaan is no less than stepping back in time. It began as a working-class area, but today it’s thin streets and quaint buildings are of Amsterdam’s most wanted quarters, lined with a plethora of independent art galleries, classic antique shops, majestic courtyard gardens, and chill atmospheric bars and pubs.

Visit the Anne Frank House

To get a closer look at the massacre of mass killings of Jewish people during World War II, you should check out the world famous Prinsengracht house where diarist Anne Frank and her family hid from German Nazis for about two years. The house’s front has been transformed into a unique museum but the rear portion has been preserved as it was, to give the visitors an idea of what life was for Anne and innumerable other Jewish families.

Come face to face with the original Van Gogh

A tour of Amsterdam would definitely be incomplete without paying homage to the legendary Dutch impressionist Vincent Van Gogh. The Van Gogh museum on Museumplein consists of over 1000 of his paintings, drawings and letters. You can get up close and personal with some of his most famous works, but you can also track his evolution through his lifetime and also learn about those artists who inspired him, as well as those who were inspired by him.



Vacation in California!

Unless you have been living under a rock, You know what California is. It is the USA’s Golden state, and home to Hollywood, exotic beaches, and surfers. It is also the most populated and diverse state in the country, and there’s a lot more to see in this west coast than you may have imagined.

California is one of the very few places in the world which have a bit of everything: exotic ocean drives, lush green forests, magnificent vineyards, sky-kissing mountains, vast deserts, thrilling amusements parks, exotic cuisine, and agricultural diversity. Here’s our list of a few places that you should definitely visit if you’re in California. 

Yosemite National Park

Located in Northern California, Yosemite National Park is one of the USA’s’ most beautiful and famous national parks. It’s tall mountains, valleys, rivers and high waterfalls drawn millions of locals and visitors and artists here every year. The famous Yosemite Valley here was carved by glaciers during the last ice age. Also, don’t miss the giant Granite domes and high waterfalls, especially the Upper Yosemite Falls that drops 1,430 feet at one point, rise above the forest covered floor.

Big Sur

This long stretch of heavenly coastline and the deep forest is a perfect getaway for nature. Camping and hiking are very popular here. Garrapata State Park offers a beautiful section of beach, and Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park is a lovely place for hiking.

The Big Sur begins nearly 4 miles south of Carmel in Yankee Point and sprawls along the Highway No. 1 till as far as Salmon Cove, about 17 miles north of San Simeon. From Highway 1 you’ll get to see some of the most splendid views of your life over the picturesque coastline.The Santa Lucia Mountains and Ventana Forests, lie to the east, with more than 220 miles of trails.

Lake Tahoe

The famous Lake Tahoe lies high up in the mountains and is a beautiful place to see any time of the year. During summers it becomes a playground for boaters and beachgoers. Whereas while winter months its surrounding hills make amazing terrains for skiing, with the world-famous Sugar Bowl Ski Area.









Vacation in Europe

Europe covers the 2% of the earth’s surface and it is known as the second smallest continent in the world. There are 47 countries in Europe and a population of 742.5 million. You can start your vacation at delightful Italy where you can visit Rome. Europe gifted you chivalrous London where you have the St. Paul’s Cathedral, London Eye, and its other lovely tourist spots waiting to greet you. Europe is also known for its world-renowned cuisine, thus if you are foodie this place is more enticing to you. The places you must visit in Europe:


The capital of Austria, Vienna is the largest city in the country. Austria is known as the ‘City of Music’, many famous music icons spent their major and worthy part of their life in Vienna. As Austria is situated in the alpine region, thus it is famous for the sports like ski-jumping, snowboarding, and mountain skiing. The country is also known for culinary circuits. Krapfen, which is essentially and delicious doughnuts filled with custard or apricot jam is a very well known bakery item.


Switzerland is situated in the heart of Europe. It is a landlocked and mountainous country which is famous for its natural beauty. Switzerland’s two-third part is covered with forests, lakes, and mountains. Adventure seekers must visit the towns of Zermatt and Lausanne as they are famous for challenging hikes and steep ski slopes. Switzerland is famous for fine cheeses and chocolate, cuisine, wine, churches, music, art, and much more.


France is known as the hub of art, fashion, music, architecture, gastronomy, and literature that seduces millions of travelers.  There’s a lot more to do in France that includes breathtaking countryside beauty to hiking along alpine trails, walking around the museums, and hitting the road to its unusual locales. And apart from this, there are many landmarks for the country like Eiffel Tower situated in the capital city Paris, the famous beach area on the Mediterranean coast, world-class wineries, navigable canals etc.

Europe offers you memorable chances for adventure, fun, exploration, whether you are traveling solo or want to travel with your friends or family Europe has a lot to offer. Thus add it in Europe in your travel bucket list.

Safety Tips for a Vacation Abroad

When travelling internationally, it is very important to stay safe during your trip. Especially when you are visiting countries which are known to be dangerous and unpredictable, you must know a few simple facts to be able to keep you and your loved ones out of harm’s way during your expedition. By following this protocol, it maximizes your safety while also allowing you to enjoy and have fun in your travels. Firstly, you should never share personal/private information to anyone outside of where you are staying as your overnight accommodations. Some of the people lurking outside of the hotel and in the city can be untrustable and take advantage of you for your info. To be able to stay safe, only recount your private information to desk staff and people you can trust. These people well deal with it responsibly and make sure it is not stolen or used for the wrong matters. If your information falls in the wrong hands, many bad things can happen including: identity theft, stalking, etc.

By preventing this, you can keep yourself safe as well as your private information out of harm’s way. Another way to maximize safety is by making sure all your vaccinations are up to date before leaving for your destination. In some places, dangerous diseases are incredibly common (hepatitis, salmonella, etc.) and can be found almost everywhere. By keeping your vaccinations up to date, you can ensure maximum resistance to these nasty viruses. Without vaccinations, it is easy to be able to pick one of these bugs .

Commonly, medical care is highly expensive and doctors can be unprofessional in these areas, making it much more secure to avoid these places by staying healthy. One more tip is to stay on your hotel grounds as much as possible especially in areas which are dangerous. When travelling to destinations with political unrest and/or riots, the smartest thing to do is stay on your hotel’s property as much as possible. Here they offer you all the services you need well keeping you sheltered from danger outside. Once you leave these grounds, they are not responsible for you anymore and you become unsafe. In some areas, where there is war or immediate danger, you could be targeted and injured in the process. By spending most of your time in the hotel, you are accommodated appropriately well enjoying your stay.

Lastly, make sure to keep double copies of all the essential paperwork you need on your journeys. If you lose something or it gets damaged or wrecked on your way, you still have more to account for it. Sometimes without these papers, they will not allow you to travel from country to country anymore. It is incredibly important you have extras to keep your self insured during the trip. Make sure to continually check your country’s website regarding travel to be informed about where you are. They will often update it and help you have a good trip. In conclusion, by following these simple steps, you can maximize your safety on a trip well also having a great time!