Best Places at the Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon is located in Arizona. Refer to this map of the West Coast USA if you want to see its location in relevance to other US National Parks. This is one of those one-of-a-kind locations that will certainly leave you without words, and also one you can easily consider approved. Once you are there, it becomes very apparent why the place is one of the seven wonders of the world. 

Rim Trail

The Rim Trail is a mainly smooth walking path that follows the edge of the Grand Canyon for 13 miles. This near degree course, with a mix of sunlight and also shade from scattered trees, is among one of the most picturesque strolls in North America, with amazing views during the entire range of the trail. You can access it before the visitor facility at Mather Point, in the Village, or from any one of the breathtaking stops along Anchorite Roadway.

Geological Museum

Geological Museum is one of the most interesting and informative exhibits in Grand Canyon National Park. The museum tells in detail the layers of rock visible as you look out the long wall of windows. Big layouts explain the formation of the canyon, from the enjoyable of the rocks to the abrasive power of the water running through the canyon far below.

Hermit Road

Hermit Road is a seven-mile scenic drive along the canyon rim, with lots of viewpoints. This is the most famous route here in the park. If you are visiting between the beginning of December and the end of February, you can do this drive in your own vehicle. All of the overlooks along this route offer excellent views.

Bright Angel Hiking Trail

It departs from the Village, where the shuttle bus to Hermit’s Rest starts its route. This is a lengthy walk, but many people pick to stroll down the route only a short distance to get a feel for the walk. The full route, round-trip to Bright Angel Camping Site, is 19 miles and also takes 2 days. Numerous significant hikers pick to go to Indian Garden Camping Area, which is a nine-mile round-trip walking and also takes between six as well as nine hours. Keep in mind, this includes a strenuous walk with more than 3,000 feet of elevation adjustment.

Desert View Watchtower

Desert View is the very first stop in the park if you are originating from the east as well as entering the park through the Desert Sight Entry. This is a full-service quit with a basic store, trading post, and also camping, yet the main attraction is the renowned Indian Watchtower.


While most individuals don’t pertain to the Grand Canyon for wildlife viewing, it’s more than most likely you will certainly see a minimum of some pets if you are driving with the park. One of the usual suspects that can frequently be identified along the Rim Trail is elk. Although you are less most likely to see them, mountain lions reside in the dark woodlands, and also indicators along the Desert View Drive encourage drivers to watch for them on the road. Also located in the park are bighorn lamb; hog-nosed skunk; mule deer; Arizona’s state animal, the ringtail; and also numerous various other smaller animals, consisting of the Kaibab squirrel.

IMAX Movie at the National Geographic Visitor Center

In the town of Tusayan, simply outside the South Entry to Grand Canyon National Forest, is among the oldest IMAX Theaters in existence, as well as seeing a movie here has been a long-lasting custom for families pertaining to the Canyon. The movie, Grand Canyon: The Movie, one of the longest-running IMAX motion pictures to be shown in the exact same area, is a 34-minute movie and begins on the half-hour. Along with seeing the movie, site visitors can also obtain info on the park or get a snack at the on-site café.

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