Kid-friendly Destinations in Bolivia

Bolivia is a beautiful country in the west-central of South America. Although it has grown in popularity for its wild beaches and lively ambiance, it is actually a great place for kids. So if you are planning to have a vacation with your family, why don’t you try this city? It’s quite fun, enjoyable, and definitely perfect for the whole family. Here are some of the top regions in Bolivia that you can visit as you bring your kids with you.

Amazon Basin

Do you like some wildlife spotting and riverboat trips? Well, this is your dream place. You can head to the Parque Nacional Madidi to find some great accommodations. There are hotels and eco-lodges in the area for a comfortable stay. So the next day, you can just enjoy a happy time together with your kids.


 Sucre is a great central plaza with a jaw-dropping environment. Why is it great for kids? It is very comfortable in this region. The air is fresh and the surrounding environment in the countryside is very inspiring. If you want to give your kids a chance to breathe cleaner air, you can bring them here.


Do you want wild adventures? Well, Tupiza will not disappoint you. The region’s surrounding is laid-back and calm but wait until you book one of its day trips. There are excursions by horseback or bicycle. It’s quite a high-altitude place but very manageable for kids.

Santa Cruz

Kid-friendly outings are waiting for you at Santa Cruz. Talk about the botanical gardens, butterfly farms, and zoos. Lucky for you, all of the kid-friendly spots are just very easy to reach since they are near the city center. No need to sweat.

La Paz

If your kids love history and travelling back in time, you can head to La Paz. Here, you can find a children’s museum and ride in cable cars. Just a friendly tip – make sure that you practice your kids with riding or walking in high-altitude. Riding in cable cars can be nauseous at times. It is best that your kids acclimatize with the altitude before taking them to a “La Paz Adventure.”

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